Matcha is the most exciting rediscovery of the 21st century’s modern tea world.

Created over 800 years back in time by Buddhist monks as meditational drink Matcha is known today as the rarest and most premium of all tea varieties of Japan.

More and more consumers discover now this exquisite tea for themselves – and the food industry has begun to understand the potential of fabulous Matcha tea.

Matcha is the ideal raw material to produce green tea flavored treats. Chocolatiers, candy makers, ice cream producers, chefs and restaurateurs are already offering Matcha ice cream, Matcha truffles, Matcha chocolates, Matcha desserts, Matcha lattes and Matcha smoothies

AIYA is Japan’s largest producer of Matcha tea, and with international branches in Europe (Germany) and North America (United States) the ideal partner for all who are seeking the best in Matcha and green tea.